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The Representation of Ageing
The Representation of Ageing (logo)The issues and uses of the social constructions of old age and ageing involve various disciplines such as history, economics and anthropology and apply to various domains such as public action, social environment, family and the spheres of men and women. Many social representations of age – (...)
Policies, Territories and Services
Policies, Territories and Services (logo)Public policies relating to the older population and to age stratification in general (from professional activity through to retirement and health services) contribute to the formation of social representations of trajectories and life cycles that determine the different ways in which people (...)
Health and Ageing
Health and Ageing (logo)This area of research focuses on health according to the World Health Organization’s definition of “well-being” and comprises several elements that range from representations of health and ageing, to informal and professional care practices. Addressing the disabilities and illnesses associated (...)
Vulnerabilities and disabilities
Vulnerabilities and disabilities  (logo)The mobilisation of scientific research on disability and vulnerability is based on a multifaceted heuristic approach designed to account for the various processes of ageing. Definitions and terminology in the field of ageing How have ageing-related terms such as “disability” and “vulnerability” (...)
Technology, Sociability and Health
Technology, Sociability and Health (logo)The use of technology in social networks, in disability benefit, and working methods etc., has become considerably widespread in recent years and its use concerns the older population on several levels. The presence of ENSTB (Telecom Bretagne) in our network has contributed to the development (...)