SID: Innovative systems for dependent persons  (logo)SID: Innovative systems for dependent persons

SID : Systèmes Innovants pour personnes Dépendantes [Innovative systems for dependent persons]

Areas of Research

SID deals with designing services or systems to strengthen social links or make daily life easier for persons with disabilities, the frail and the elderly. SID follows three main lines of action:

1. Information Technology-related research on software adaptation. The mechanisms designed by SID are based on a generic service platform that includes adaptation capabilities that will be used by the different populations concerned.

2. Close collaboration with sociologists. The population’s requirements and expectations are first identified by the sociologists who then provide support for deploying the developed technology, and finally carry out post-assessment studies on the uses and services deployed.

3. Strong practical expertise in software design and development. This expertise is used to integrate the necessary technical specifications into the existing computer equipment. The systems designed to meet the needs of a given population are systematically provided to members (“samples”) of the target population who test out the deployed services in real life settings. This enables the sociologists to analyse the systems’ use and validate the subsequent benefit to society.

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André Thépaut


André Thépaut

Fields of research

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