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Areas of Research

VALORIA is the computer science laboratory at Université de Bretagne Sud. It develops research activities in the scope of Ambient Intelligence (AmI), addressing research and development topics along three complementary research activities:

- Interaction and Intelligence: This first activity aims at providing end-users with technological, innovative means for greater user-friendliness, more efficient services support and user-empowerment, while contributing to user-friendly, dependable, adaptive and non-intrusive hardware/software environments.

- Software Architecture: The second activity is dedicated to architecting/refining, testing/refactoring and maintaining/evolving dynamic, distributed, mobile and context-aware systems considered as the background support to ambient computing.

- Middleware: The third activity focuses on providing middleware for distributed mobile and communicating systems as a support to ubiquitous and pervasive computing.

Membership Organisation

UBS : Université de Bretagne Sud (University of South Brittany)

Status : EA 2593


Pierre-François Marteau


Brigitte Le Pevedic

Fields of research

5. Technology, Sociability and Health

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