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CRPCC - EA 1285

CRPCC: Centre de Recherches en Psychologie, Cognition et Communication [Psychology, Cognition and Communication Research Centre]

Areas of Research

The Psychology, Cognition and Communication Research Centre was founded in 1991. It comprises three research laboratories:

1. Laboratoire de Psychologie Expérimentale (LPE) [The Laboratory for Experimental Psychology]

- Memory, attention and perception, fundamental processes

- Cognitive treatment of complex documents, man-machine interfaces

- Affective-motivational factors of behaviour

- Ageing and cognitive dysfunction

- Psychometric and statistical modelling

2. Laboratoire Armoricain Universitaire de Recherche en Psychologie Sociale (LAUREPS) [The Armorican University Laboratory for Social Psychology Research] specialises in Psychosocial Engineering in the following fields:

- Public health, and collective and individual well-being

- Justice

- Private and public companies

- The environment

3. Laboratoire de Psychologie du Développement et de l’Éducation (LPDE) [The Laboratory of Developmental Psychology and Education] It’s four main research areas are:

- “Intentionality, apprenticeships, problem solving and cognitive development”

- Socio-cognitive development, and representation of the Self and the Other

Membership Organisation

University of Rennes 2

Status: EA 1285


Jacques Juhel


Jacques Juhel

Fields of research

3. Health and Ageing

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