CRDP: Research Centre of Private Law

CRDP - EA 3881

CRDP : Centre de Recherche en Droit Privé [Research Centre of Private Law]

Areas of Research

The CRDP’s scientific policy is based on the interplay between changes in personal and family law, and societal and moral changes. In particular, these changes mean that the role of “will” is becoming more prevalent in a branch of private law that is usually dominated by public order. Fundamental and empirical research work is carried out on vulnerability – the centre’s running theme – with particular focus on its relation to:

- Age
- Health
- Social and family environments
- Employment

Membership Organisation

Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) [University of Western Brittany]

Status: EA 3881


Muriel Rebourg


Muriel Rebourg

Fields of research

3. Health and Ageing

4. Vulnerabilities and disabilities

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