ARS: Workshop for Sociological Research  (logo)ARS: Workshop for Sociological Research

ARS - EA 3941

ARS : Atelier de Recherche en Sociologie [Workshop for Sociological Research]

Areas of Research

The Workshop for Sociological Research has been the driving and unifying force behind sociological research at the University of Western Brittany since 1995. It also acts as a service provider for PhD students.

Its four main research areas are:

- Identity and territories

- Changes in work patterns

- Social work and healthcare

- Changes in socialisation

Membership Organisation

Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) [University of Western Brittany]

Status: EA 3941


Jorge Muñoz


Simone Pennec

Françoise Le Borgne Uguen

Fields of research

1. The Representation of Ageing

2. Policies, Territories, and Services

3. Health and Ageing

4. Vulnerabilities and disabilities

5. Technology, Sociability and Health

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