Appel à communication - Ageing, Anti Ageing & Ageism

Constructions and Politics of Being Old in Europe.

Le réseau de recherche sur le vieillissement de la société européenne de sociologie organise un congrès du 18 au 20 septembre 2014 à Klagenfurt en Autriche. L’appel à contribution vient d’être publié. Les soumissions sont attendues pour le 5 avril 2014.

Ageing, Anti Ageing & Ageism : Constructions and Politics of Being Old in Europe
2014 Mid-term conference of the Research Network on Ageing in Europe ESA

18-20 September 2014
Carinthia University of Applied Science, Klagenfurt,Austria

Managing the processes of ageing, both at individual and at societal levels, is seen as a main challenge for the future in many European societies. On the one hand, the ageing of societies is frequently discussed as a major cause for economic and social crises (e.g., for welfare states and families). On the other hand, longevity is debated as a challenge for the performance in relation to social, cultural and professional societal expectations. There is less discussion, however, on the meaning of ageing itself. Questions are arising whether the analysis of current developments relies on, reproduces or challenges current understandings of „being old” (Butler 1975) : What is the interconnection between scientific, public and cultural conceptualisations of age and ageing ? How can societal images and dynamics such as „anti-ageing” and „ageism” be explained ? What consequences do positive approaches and discourses, such as active or successful ageing, have for those who are not easily classified as „productive” or active” ? How do welfare states react to changing notions of old age and ageing ? What are options and consequences for both sociology and social work ?

We welcome theoretical, quantitative, qualitative and conceptual papers. Contributions from scholars in the early stages of their careers are very welcome. First confirmed Keynote speaker is Martin Kohli. Information on other keynotes speakers will follow soon !

Special sessions with a particular regional focus : such as on Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa, and on elder-care in the Alpe Adria Region in comparison to other European (especially rural) areas, are planned to widen the scope for research and cooperation. Additionally an interdisciplinary plenary discussion on informed consent and social supported palliative care are anticipated. Contributions to these – or proposals for additional – special sessions are highly welcome.

Soumission : inofrmations pratiques

Le format des résumés de vos propositions est de 200 mots maximum.
La date limite pour soumettre est le 5 avril 2014 à l’adresse suivante Ecrire.
Un programme préliminaire sera publié sur le site du réseau le 25 mai 2014.

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