Philosophie des normes [The Philosophy of Norms]

Philosophie des normes [The Philosophy of Norms]

Areas of Research

This research center based in Université de Rennes 1 focuses on issues related to norms, working in two complementary directions :

- Epistemic norms – work on normativity in formal languages and the role of logical methods in scientific development. The current research themes deal with the questions of definition, axiomatic methods and logical instrumentation.

- Practical norms – research is centered around i) metaethics and the ethical foundations and rational procedures involved in moral justification and ii) applied ethics in both sociopolitics (behavioural and subjectification norms) and in medicine.

Membership Organisation

University of Rennes 1

Status : EA 1270


Jacqueline Lagrée


Jérôme Porée

Fields of research

4. Vulnerabilities and disabilities

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