What is ReVie? (logo)What is ReVie?

ReVie is a research platform designed to promote scientific cooperation in the field of Ageing. Enabling easier access to and increased visibility of the the specialist work carried out by the partner institutions, it comprises:

- A register of each institution’s area of expertise and recent research projects

- A user-friendly interface to easily identify and contact potential partners

- A single online space for all calls to tender and funding opportunities

ReVie is

A network of 13 multi-disciplinary research teams

ReVie covers the specialist cross-cutting disciplines of: Economics, Management, Electronics and Telecommunication, Information and Communication Technology, Law, Society, Cognitive Psychology, Health, Management Sciences, Consumer Behaviour, Philosophy and Computer Science.

The partner institutions are:

Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO, Brest)

- ARS - Workshop for Sociological Research

- CRDP - Research Centre of Private Law,

- EPS - Ethics, Professionalism and Health

- ICI - Information Coordination Incitations - Business and Economic Sciences Research Centre

University of Rennes 1

- CREM - Economics and Management Research Centre,

- IETR - Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes

- IODE - The Western Institute of Law and European Studies

- Philosophie des normes - The Philosophy of Norms

University of Rennes 2

- CRPCC - Psychology, Cognition and Communication Research Centre

Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS, Lorient and Vannes)

- IREA - Research Institute on Private and Public Companies

- VALORIA Computer Science Laboratory

Telecom Bretagne, Brest

- SID - Innovative systems for dependent persons

EHESP, Rennes

- SOLO - Research center for long-term care, vulnerability and Alzheimer’s disease

Three platforms

- LOUSTIC [Observation Laboratory on the Uses of Information and Communication Technology]

- Experiment’AAL

- CIC [Clinical Investigation Centre]

Five fields of research

(1) The Representation of Ageing

(2) Policies, Territories, and Services

(3) Health and Ageing

(4) Vulnerabilities and disabilities

(5) Technology, Sociability and Health

Programmes available

Bachelor’s Degree (Licence), Master’s Degrees (Masters 1 and 2) and Diplomas in Law, Cognitive Psychology, Health, Gerontology, Domotics and Sociology.

Recent projects

- The use of technology and multimedia in the provision of home support services and the preservation of sociability (IDA, SIGAAL Companym@ge)

- The difficulties encountered by older persons when using interactive kiosks and Vulnerability in Old Age (ANR Vulage)


Workshops, seminars and conferences on Ageing.