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The European Research Area in Ageing 2 (ERA-AGE 2) is a three year project funded by the European Commission, under the Seventh Framework Programme. ERA-AGE 2 aims to continue the work of the highly successful ERA-AGE which ended in February 2009 after 5 years under the Sixth Framework Programme. The project will secure, for the long term, the future of the European Research Area in ageing research and launch Europe’s first joint research programme on ageing. All partners are also committed to delivering the second round of the pioneering FLARE programme, progressively expanding the partnership and developing the resources on research infrastructure.

Bourses post-doctorales de 3 ans (Programme FLARE)

The Future Leaders in Ageing Research in Europe (FLARE) programme is now open for applications from early-career post-doctoral researchers. Fifteen three-year FLARE 2 Fellowships in multi-disciplinary ageing research in Europe are available, based in : Austria, Finland, France, Israel, Luxembourg, Quebec, Romania, and Sweden.

Funded by eight countries from across Europe and also including Isreal annd Quebec, Fellowships are open to applications from candidates who embrace the two innovative features of the programme : part of the fellowship must be spent in another country and it must also involve a cross-disciplinary collaboration.

FLARE is the first European programme on ageing research funded by the Member States themselves and this unique programme launched in 2007 when 18 successful applicants were awarded the first FLARE Fellowships. FLARE 2 will build on this success.

To mark the launch of FLARE 2, a showcase of the FLARE 1 programme will take place in London on 4 August 2010. Fully funded places are open to early-career researchers, scientists, and funding agencies and the daylong event will include presentations by current FLARE Fellows as well as additional information about the FLARE 2 programme.

FLARE was born from a strong scientific consensus on the need to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to ageing research and also the need to forge strong European networks in this area, particularly with regard to supporting our early career researchers. The new FLARE Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of Summer Schools to network with each other and FLARE 1 Fellows and develop their research careers.

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Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse (CNAV, France)


2009 – 2012

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